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€455.92 (tax incl.)
From: €455.92 to: €635.90
OFFER: BUMPER PACK + OLYMPIC BAR FREE. 100kg olympic bumper pack including: 2x5kg plate, 2x10kg plate, 2x15kg plate, 2x20kg plate + free olympic bar 150kg olympic bumper pack including: 2x5kg plate, 2x10kg plate,...
€61.72 (tax incl.) €94.96
Special offer
The "Fit Essentials Pack" contains four essential pieces of equipment to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and achieve your fitness goals. Pack contents: 1x Gymball ⌀75cm: Ideal for improving balance,...
€417.24 (tax incl.) €641.91
Special offer
Start your bodybuilding journey with the Bodybuilding Starter Pack, the complete set of essential equipment to transform your space into a real gym. Designed to meet all your training needs, this pack will enable you...
€67.18 (tax incl.) €111.96
From: €64.18 to: €85.18
Special offer
Turn your living space into a real gym with our "Home Training Pack". This complete pack includes everything you need for an effective and varied workout at home. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this equipment...
€99.37 (tax incl.) €141.95
Special offer
Transform your bodyweight workouts with the Bodyweight Pack, a complete set of essential equipment to optimize your sessions and achieve new levels of performance. This pack is designed to offer you a variety of...
€265.50 (tax incl.) €331.88
Special offer
Introduce youngsters to the pleasure of training with the Kids Pack, specially designed for children who want to discover the world of bodybuilding and Cross Training in a safe and fun way. This pack includes...
€177.77 (tax incl.) €253.95
From: €177.77 to: €184.77
Special offer
Discover the world of bodybuilding with our Initiation Pack, the perfect package for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with basic equipment safely and effectively. This pack includes everything you need to...
€68.59 (tax incl.) €97.99
From: €32.99 to: €87.99
Special offer
Our ECO range has exactly the same characteristics as our classic Olympic training discs. The only difference lies in the branding, which is printed rather than raised. This small change allows us to offer you a disc...
€12.50 (tax incl.) €24.99
Special offer
Suspension straps for abdominal and arms training. Made of durable nylon, they have steel carabiners. Very comfortable thanks to their foam padding. They can be used with cross training rig. Sold by pair.
€20.99 (tax incl.) €34.99
Special offer
The multifunctional training bar provides a large range of exercises such as pull-ups, very efficient to gain arms, back, chest, shoulder and abdominal muscles. Adapts on 60cm to 90cm doors frames. Do not use upside...
€30.00 (tax incl.) €59.99
Special offer
Wooden design to provide the right grip. Curved edges on grips to greatly reduce the risk of trauma to fingers. This board is best suited for beginners who want to train at home and make rapid progress. Ideal for grip...