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Excellent way to work on your power, these products will help you work on your explosiveness.

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€29.99 (tax incl.)
This sled pulling harness, or speed sled, consists of a vest and a strap. The vest is easy to put on and take off. This one size fits all but is easily adjustable and is ideal for all athletes who want to work on...
€59.49 (tax incl.) €69.99
From: €59.49 to: €64.99
Special offer
The Husafell is an essential tool in the Strongman discipline and is inspired by the famous Icelandic stone. In the same way as the strongbag, the Husafell will allow you to improve your explosiveness, your strength...
€50.99 (tax incl.) €59.99
From: €49.99 to: €50.99
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Based on the same principle as the Atlas ball, the strongbag, made of a flexible material, will allow you to work and improve your strength, endurance, and explosiveness. Thanks to its versatility, the strongbag...
€42.49 (tax incl.) €49.99
Special offer
With its adjustable fill and 6 handles for strength building and agility work. Includes four weight bags to be filled with a very dense material such a sand (max. 4 kg of sand). Maximum weight: 16 kg. Outer cover with...
€249.99 (tax incl.)
SVELTUS power sled for all those who want to improve their overall speed and acceleration. Boost your power, speed and explosive strength while improving your cardio fitness. Can take weights with a drill hole of 50...
€9.99 (tax incl.)
For strengthening muscle groups and a full abdominal workout by performing sliding movements. Can be used on any type of surface. Ergonomic design for better grip on hands and feet. Built-in fasteners for...
€19.99 (tax incl.)
Running parachute ideal to gain strength. The resistance allows you to improve stride length and frequency to increase your top end speed. Panels provide stability and avoid strings from getting tangled up. You can...