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€259.99 (tax incl.)
SVELTUS power sled for all those who want to improve their overall speed and acceleration. Boost your power, speed and explosive strength while improving your cardio fitness. Can take weights with a drill hole of 50...
€22.39 (tax incl.) €27.99
From: €22.39 to: €101.49
Special offer
Designed for muscle strengthening and fitness. great durability thanks to sturdy metal with polyurethane coating. Its 3 handles offer a good grip. They enable to change easily of weight and to do more exercises....
€38.49 (tax incl.) €54.99
From: €9.99 to: €69.99
Special offer
This range of discs combines budget with efficiency. The rubber coating ensures maximum safety if dropped. Adaptable to all 50 mm diameter Olympic bars. The models with grips have the added bonus of greater...
€24.49 (tax incl.) €34.99
From: €20.99 to: €45.49
Special offer
Complete range of kettlebells from 4 to 16 kg, the ultimate in design with imitation leather (polyurethane) cover to avoid damaging your floors. Rubber, sand and iron filled. Double seams for extra strength. Ideal for...
€47.99 (tax incl.) €59.99
From: €39.99 to: €74.99
Special offer
This high strength sandbag is designed for heavy-duty use in crossfit gyms. Foam-padded handles with reinforced seams. Ideal for functional movements for a complete muscle workout. Complete range from 10 to 30 kg.
€52.99 (tax incl.)
From: €52.99 to: €69.99
This is the must-have to improve your climbing. Measure your upper body strength and endurance with this sisal climbing rope. Easy grip thanks to its twist. Steel and strong mounting bracket for an easy fixing. Ideal...
€31.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €31.99 to: €69.99
Special offer
Wall ball is an effective way to strengthen arms, legs and body. It absorbs shocks and does not rebound. Good grip. Reinforced seams.
€55.99 (tax incl.) €79.99
From: €55.99 to: €74.99
Special offer
Thanks to the reinforced seams, these wall balls allow for heavy-duty use in crossfit gyms. Training with wall balls improves your endurance, coordination and  strengthens your muscles.