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€455.92 (tax incl.)
From: €455.92 to: €635.90
OFFER: BUMPER PACK + OLYMPIC BAR FREE. 100kg olympic bumper pack including: 2x5kg plate, 2x10kg plate, 2x15kg plate, 2x20kg plate + free olympic bar 150kg olympic bumper pack including: 2x5kg plate, 2x10kg plate,...
€417.24 (tax incl.) €641.91
Special offer
Start your bodybuilding journey with the Bodybuilding Starter Pack, the complete set of essential equipment to transform your space into a real gym. Designed to meet all your training needs, this pack will enable you...
€265.50 (tax incl.) €331.88
Special offer
Introduce youngsters to the pleasure of training with the Kids Pack, specially designed for children who want to discover the world of bodybuilding and Cross Training in a safe and fun way. This pack includes...
€177.77 (tax incl.) €253.95
From: €177.77 to: €184.77
Special offer
Discover the world of bodybuilding with our Initiation Pack, the perfect package for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with basic equipment safely and effectively. This pack includes everything you need to...
€64.99 (tax incl.)
With its loadable design, our dumbbell lets you quickly and easily adjust the weight to suit your needs and the intensity you want for your workouts, offering a varied range of weights. This loadable dumbbell offers a...
€83.99 (tax incl.) €119.99
Special offer
Olympic Kids Bar 2.5kg: The Perfect Start for Future Champions. Specifically designed for children aspiring to become future champions. This 2.5kg Olympic bar is lightweight, durable, and perfectly sized for them,...