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Charges and weights

€85.80 (tax incl.) €107.25
From: €3.30 to: €165.00
Special offer
Its hexagonal shape stops it from rolling on the ground (6 anti-roll sides). Its durable and resistant rubber coating protects from shocks and minimises noise. Ergonomic chrome-plated handle with non-slip area for a...
€27.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €9.99 to: €35.99
Special offer
A more feminine range of kettlebells with pastel colours and an ergonomic design for an easy and comfortable use with 4 protective rubbers. Sold by unit.
€90.65 (tax incl.) €129.50
From: €12.25 to: €119.50
Special offer
Excellent for indoor and outdoor training. Elegant design with a matt black look. One-piece construction in high quality cast iron. The powder coated finish provides a comfortable grip for full, smooth movement. The...
€63.99 (tax incl.) €79.99
From: €17.99 to: €66.49
Special offer
Very efficient for strength and endurance. Engage the whole body and particularly back, legs, arms and shoulders. Kettlebells have a better grip than dumbbells to vary exercises (rows, swing, deadlift, crunches,...
€24.49 (tax incl.) €34.99
From: €20.99 to: €45.49
Special offer
Complete range of kettlebells from 4 to 16 kg, the ultimate in design with imitation leather (polyurethane) cover to avoid damaging your floors. Rubber, sand and iron filled. Double seams for extra strength. Ideal for...
€27.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €27.99 to: €55.99
Special offer
Ideal to improve strength and endurance. To work all body and lower-body with squats. These kettlebells are covered with cotton fabric in camoufl age style and weighted with sand. They will not damage your fl oors if...
€17.49 (tax incl.) €24.99
From: €17.49 to: €66.49
Special offer
Thanks to its urethane coating, this range of kettlebells is very robust. Its wide steel handle guarantees a comfortable grip. Featuring a cut diamond contour, it makes for a perfect combination of design and sport....
€289.99 (tax incl.)
Ideal to store kettlebells or dumbbells (sold separately). Steel rack with 2 platforms. Storage capacity depends on the size of your weights. Assembly instructions and set of screws provided.
€55.99 (tax incl.) €79.99
From: €55.99 to: €74.99
Special offer
Thanks to the reinforced seams, these wall balls allow for heavy-duty use in crossfit gyms. Training with wall balls improves your endurance, coordination and  strengthens your muscles.
€31.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €31.99 to: €69.99
Special offer
Wall ball is an effective way to strengthen arms, legs and body. It absorbs shocks and does not rebound. Good grip. Reinforced seams.
€41.99 (tax incl.) €59.99
From: €39.99 to: €55.99
Special offer
Great to improve core stability and explosiveness. The ergonomically designed handles ensure perfect grip and offer a use similar to dumbbells. Complete range: 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg and 10 kg.
€19.99 (tax incl.)
From: €19.99 to: €44.99
Ideal for muscle strengthening or work of balance. Allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises such as twist. Textured surface for improved grip. Good feeling. Range from 1 to 5kg.
€199.99 (tax incl.) €249.99
Special offer
Ideal for storing different weights like wall ball, functional bag, sandbags. Optimize your space. Maxi load of the floors: bottom 90 kg / middle 70 kg / Top 50 kg • Max load of each side floor: low 40 kg / middle 30...
€47.99 (tax incl.) €59.99
From: €47.99 to: €49.99
Special offer
Based on the same principle as the Atlas ball, the strongbag, made of a flexible material, will allow you to work and improve your strength, endurance, and explosiveness. Thanks to its versatility, the strongbag...
€45.49 (tax incl.) €64.99
From: €38.49 to: €45.49
Special offer
The Husafell is an essential tool in the Strongman discipline and is inspired by the famous Icelandic stone. In the same way as the strongbag, the Husafell will allow you to improve your explosiveness, your strength...
€23.99 (tax incl.) €29.99
From: €15.99 to: €169.99
Special offer
The slam ball, or D-ball, is a versatile piece of equipment designed to help you strengthen your body and improve your fitness level. Its robust and resistant exterior, made of thick rubber, ensures that it can...
€49.99 (tax incl.)
With its adjustable fill and 6 handles for strength building and agility work. Includes four weight bags to be filled with a very dense material such a sand (max. 4 kg of sand). Maximum weight: 16 kg. Outer cover with...