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€27.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €9.99 to: €35.99
Special offer
A more feminine range of kettlebells with pastel colours and an ergonomic design for an easy and comfortable use with 4 protective rubbers. Sold by unit.
€90.65 (tax incl.) €129.50
From: €12.25 to: €119.50
Special offer
Excellent for indoor and outdoor training. Elegant design with a matt black look. One-piece construction in high quality cast iron. The powder coated finish provides a comfortable grip for full, smooth movement. The...
€63.99 (tax incl.) €79.99
From: €17.99 to: €66.49
Special offer
Very efficient for strength and endurance. Engage the whole body and particularly back, legs, arms and shoulders. Kettlebells have a better grip than dumbbells to vary exercises (rows, swing, deadlift, crunches,...
€24.49 (tax incl.) €34.99
From: €20.99 to: €45.49
Special offer
Complete range of kettlebells from 4 to 16 kg, the ultimate in design with imitation leather (polyurethane) cover to avoid damaging your floors. Rubber, sand and iron filled. Double seams for extra strength. Ideal for...
€27.99 (tax incl.) €39.99
From: €27.99 to: €55.99
Special offer
Ideal to improve strength and endurance. To work all body and lower-body with squats. These kettlebells are covered with cotton fabric in camoufl age style and weighted with sand. They will not damage your fl oors if...
€17.49 (tax incl.) €24.99
From: €17.49 to: €66.49
Special offer
Thanks to its urethane coating, this range of kettlebells is very robust. Its wide steel handle guarantees a comfortable grip. Featuring a cut diamond contour, it makes for a perfect combination of design and sport....
€289.99 (tax incl.)
Ideal to store kettlebells or dumbbells (sold separately). Steel rack with 2 platforms. Storage capacity depends on the size of your weights. Assembly instructions and set of screws provided.
€990.00 (tax incl.)
This rack is the perfect accessory for gyms with full storage for a wide range of accessories (dumbbells, kettlebells, discs, rubber bands, medicine ball, sandbags ...). Maximum load of platforms: left: 3x200 kg /...
€61.72 (tax incl.) €94.96
Special offer
The "Fit Essentials Pack" contains four essential pieces of equipment to strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and achieve your fitness goals. Pack contents: 1x Gymball ⌀75cm: Ideal for improving balance,...
€67.18 (tax incl.) €111.96
From: €64.18 to: €85.18
Special offer
Turn your living space into a real gym with our "Home Training Pack". This complete pack includes everything you need for an effective and varied workout at home. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this equipment...
€417.24 (tax incl.) €641.91
Special offer
Start your bodybuilding journey with the Bodybuilding Starter Pack, the complete set of essential equipment to transform your space into a real gym. Designed to meet all your training needs, this pack will enable you...