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€2.00 (tax incl.)
Designed for multi-purpose use, these marking slats are ideal for delimiting work areas or traffic lanes during your exercises. Available in three colors (blue, yellow and red), our slats provide clear, visible...
€28.80 (tax incl.) €59.99
From: €28.80 to: €42.74
Special offer
Efficient tool, complementary to the kettlebell, that works the upper and lower body. Improves explosiveness, stamina and power by combining strength-building and cardio exercises. The load is stabilized on the...
€8.99 (tax incl.) €14.99
Special offer
Designed to strengthen the abdominal belt. Makes it easier to work the obliques with a wider opening angle. Braking system for greater safety. Steel axle for perfect strength. Easy assembly. Foam handles. This AB...
€17.39 (tax incl.) €28.99
From: €17.39 to: €23.99
Special offer
A more feminine range of kettlebells in pastel colors with an ergonomic design for easy, comfortable use. Fitted with 4 protective pads. Sold individually. These kettlebells are part of our selection of...
€59.99 (tax incl.)
The Hack Squat Landmine is the perfect piece of bodybuilding equipment for those who want to strengthen their legs and glutes safely and effectively. Designed for use with an Olympic bar and t-bar landmine (part no....
€3.50 (tax incl.)
This stick, also known as a milestone, is very useful for marking out your training courses. With its 25mm diameter, it adapts perfectly to the multifunction bases (ref 2740) for optimum use. Supplied without base....
€359.99 (tax incl.)
Our Pro workout bench is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to optimize your bodybuilding sessions. Its reinforced steel structure gives it exceptional strength, capable of supporting a maximum load of 300...
€14.99 (tax incl.)
This headrest is the ideal accessory for working the abdominal muscles in a curvature-free position. It is designed to provide optimal back support and position while targeting neck and shoulder muscles.
€26.99 (tax incl.)
This set of 24 non-slip cones, in three different colors (red, blue and yellow), is the perfect tool for delimiting fields and training areas. These non-slip discs are ideal for synthetic pitches. Sold with a metal...
€15.99 (tax incl.)
Our knee bands offer crucial support to your knees for all your heavy squat and weightlifting movements. These knee braces will also reduce the stress on your knees by offering support to tendons and muscles,...
€64.99 (tax incl.)
With its loadable design, our dumbbell lets you quickly and easily adjust the weight to suit your needs and the intensity you want for your workouts, offering a varied range of weights. This loadable dumbbell offers a...
€177.77 (tax incl.) €253.95
From: €177.77 to: €184.77
Special offer
Discover the world of bodybuilding with our Initiation Pack, the perfect package for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with basic equipment safely and effectively. This pack includes everything you need to...