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Shock absorbing tile

Enjoy a resistant and practical floor thanks to the 1x1 m black rubber tiles for all uses (available in 3 thicknesses: 15mm, 25mm and 40mm). They are non-slip and are an asset during your training sessions as they absorb shocks and limit bounce, which reduces the risk of trauma. They provide soundproofing against impact noise and cushion the fall of heavy accessories. The upper part has rounded corners to prevent premature wear of the tile. For indoor use only. Sold individually.

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qualité etonnante(1)
J'ai acheté 9M2 pour mon home gym et j'en possédais déjà 3M2 d'un autre vendeur.
Et bien en plus du prix sveltus beaucoup moins cher, la qualité est supérieure.
La densité du caoutchouc est hyper compact ce qui confère aux dalles un confort maximal.
Dernier point, pour les ajustements sur mesure, la découpe au cutter est hyper simple et propre.

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