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Bodybuilding starter pack

Start your bodybuilding journey with the Bodybuilding Starter Pack, the complete set of essential equipment to transform your space into a real gym. Designed to meet all your training needs, this pack will enable you to perform a wide variety of exercises to develop your strength and endurance.

Package contents :

1x 5-position bench: This versatile, five-position adjustable bench gives you maximum flexibility for a variety of strength-building exercises. Ideal for bench presses, incline exercises and much more.

1x Bar stanchions: Ensure your safety and comfort with these adjustable bar stanchions. Perfect for squats, bench presses and other exercises requiring stable bar support.

1x Barbell: Strong and durable, this barbell is ideal for strength exercises such as bench presses, deadlifts and squats. Compatible with the discs included in the pack.

StartX discs: Add resistance to your workouts with these discs of varying weights. Designed for use with the barbell, they allow you to adapt the intensity of your workouts to your needs. Discs included in the pack: 2x 5kg, 2x 10kg, 2x 15kg.

1x Soft PU kettlebell : Enrich your workouts with this versatile kettlebell. Ideal for swinging movements, squats and metabolic conditioning exercises, it contributes to the development of strength, power and endurance. Its sand interior design, covered by a leather surface, will enable you to train at home while limiting noise pollution and damage caused by your kettlebell falling to the ground.

1x Training bar: Complete your routine with this multifunctional training bar. Perfect for pull-ups, dips and other bodyweight exercises, it will help you strengthen your upper body and improve your overall fitness.

Please note: Maximum bench load 150 kg. Max load of the bar: 120 kg. Bar and discs NOT DROPPABLE. Stop discs included. 

Free shipping on orders over €500 does not apply to packs. Shipping fee for a pack: €59.90 including tax.

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