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Bodyweight pack

Transform your bodyweight workouts with the Bodyweight Pack, a complete set of essential equipment to optimize your sessions and achieve new levels of performance. This pack is designed to offer you a variety of training options to strengthen your body, improve your endurance and increase your agility, all using your bodyweight.

Pack contents:

1x 10kg weighted bra vest: Add extra resistance to your workouts with this weighted vest. Designed to fit comfortably around your body, it's ideal for strength training, running, pull-ups and more. This vest combines comfort, fit and performance to help you push your limits like never before. Its raised center of gravity means you can run with a secure back.

1x Speed skipping rope: Improve your coordination and cardio endurance with this ultra-fast skipping rope. Perfect for HIIT sessions, cardio and warm-ups, you'll be burning calories and building muscle in no time. Its design also allows you to perform Double Unders for a more Cross-oriented workout Training.

1x Double AB Wheel: Strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your stability with the double AB wheel. It offers greater stability and effectively targets core muscles for rock-hard abs.

1x Suspension fit: Perform a multitude of functional exercises with this suspension strap. Using your body weight, it enables you to work all muscle groups and perform complete movements for an all-round workout.

1x Functional slider: Work your abs and improve your stability with our functional slider. Ideal for sheathing and gliding exercises, it helps strengthen the core and improve coordination.

Whether you're at home, in the park or traveling, this pack offers the flexibility and variety you need for complete, intensive sessions.

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