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Kids Pack

Introduce youngsters to the pleasure of training with the Kids Pack, specially designed for children who want to discover the world of bodybuilding and Cross Training in a safe and fun way. This pack includes equipment adapted to the youngest, enabling them to train like grown-ups while respecting their morphology and abilities.

Pack contents:

Kids Bar 2.5 kg: The perfect start for future champions. Lightweight and easy to handle, this 2.5 kg bar is specially designed for children. It enables them to learn the basics of bodybuilding in complete safety, while developing their coordination and strength.

Mini Olympic discs: Complete workouts with these mini Olympic discs, perfect for gradually adding resistance. Made from safe, durable materials, they are easy to handle and child-friendly. Weights included in the pack: 2x 0.5kg, 2x 1kg, 2x 1.5kg, 2x 2kg, 2x 2.5kg.

The Kids Pack is ideal for encouraging children to stay active and adopt healthy habits from an early age. With equipment designed specifically for them, young athletes can train safely and develop their strength in a progressive and adapted way. With this pack, your kids can train just like Mum and Dad!

Warning: the bar is NON-ROPPABLE. Disc stop included in the pack.

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